Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 for 21: Full fall day of fun

First we started with some pictures in the backyard with the leaves. We didn’t want to take real pictures, so Mommy just got some of us being silly. But we’re still cute, I say.

KiKi just kept wanting to pose.

We did stand together. For just a second.

But then we wanted to just throw leaves in the air.

Then we went to the store and got a few last things we needed for the big picnic. It was the picnic for all my friends here who are “extra” cool like me.  KiKi tried to do monkey bars but Maddie had to help her.  She’s nice like that.

We had to leave the picnic early to go to see Coach Sara and Coach Steve at their game.  They teach us to cheer so we wanted to see THEM cheer at the football game!  Go LU!

KiKi sat with Coach Shannon, Coach Sara’s mommy.  I sat with Daddy.

The cheerleaders did a little show at halftime. Coach Sara’s up in the air.

Here’s a close shot of her.

Then Coach Sara and Coach Steve cheered in front of us for a while so we got to wave at them.

We had to leave before it was over because Mommy and Daddy had to be somewhere soon.  But we stopped to take pictures with our cheer coaches.

We’re SO lucky to have super great coaches!

Before we got in the car, Mommy wanted to take pictures of us in our shirts and bows that she made this week, but we were still just wanting to be silly.  Pose!

The cheerleaders did LU with their hands.  We thought we’d try…

And a moment of a sister hug too.  We like sister hugs.

Mommy and Daddy and Grandma C and PaPaw John and Grammy and Papa ALL went to a dinner tonight for our school.  While they were gone, Auntie Rach and Auntie Julia were here to play with us.  We even got to play Chutes and Ladders! 


Then it was time to get ready for bed. Grammy and Papa came home early to get Auntie Julia so they could go all the way home before bed.  We read our Bible story first.  I was really tired, so I just went to bed and right to sleep.

It was a REALLY busy day!!!  But we had lots of fun for sure!

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  1. I love the backyard photos! You and Kinlee look like a couple of Fall models. The sister hug is my favorite though :-)

    Great bows and shirts Mommy! I wish I was that talented! But since I'm not, Etsy is one of my favorite shopping sites :-)


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