Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 for 21: Learning Program Day

This morning I went to class. It’s not at my school, it’s a special class I go to each month.  It’s called The Learning Program and it’s all about learning to read.  So far, I can read all the books they give me, but it’s good for me to practice with the pictures and the words.  They told Mommy today that they’re going to try to make it a little harder for me so I don’t get too lazy.  That’s ok, because I just LOVE to work on words. 

I got new books today, but tonight we reviewed my books from last month to make sure I still know all the words and can do the work right.

I’m gonna do a movie soon of my reading so you can see it.  I really like to read!


  1. Looks very interesting and fun! I can't wait to see your reading movie!

  2. Can't wait! Our girls are loving the program too!


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