Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beans and Baby

Tonight Mommy was fixing some dinner and she thought I might want to play with some of it. It looked like a string, but it was kind of squishy. She called it a green bean. I didn't think it was good enough to try putting in my mouth. But I did toss them down for Belle to eat.

After dinner, Mommy and me went to her bedroom to put a whole bunch of clothes away. I played on the floor while she was working, and I found a new friend. She's super cute!
(Mommy note: Another long video, fair warning...lots of ridiculous mommy-talking.)


  1. She IS super cute! What a fun new baby to play with.

  2. Nice video. Tell your mommy it wasn't too long at all. Nice to see you stretching so much and it seemed as though your hair is growing in the back. Good stuff.

  3. So cute! I love when she gets up close to look at her new friend. :)

  4. Adorable! With all that she is ready to join me for the core class at the fitness center! What a workout. I loved how she kept getting close like she was going to tell her new friend a secret. I loved watching the girls play with mirrors!

  5. I see you made a new friend Braska! That looked like a lot of fun! :)

    Love you!
    - Auntie Rach

  6. oh my goodness that is such an adorable video!

  7. that reminds me sooo much of mayson. she still loves to look and play in the mirror!!
    looks like braska is a babylegs baby like mayson!!!!

  8. I sure enjoy all those movies. You are quite the movie star! I said a prayer for you so there would be no more blood. It's no fun to have doctors poking at you. Love you!


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