Thursday, January 24, 2008

Retropost: Fun exercise

Tuesday 1/22
Miss Robin came again. She made me practice my side belly muscles again. Since I always lean and try to help Mommy type, they put her computer down so I could try to get it while I was exercising. I was watching my giggles video because I think it's pretty funny.

Miss Robin said I was getting stronger and faster at getting up. Sometimes I forget what I'm supposed to move next, so she has to help me a little. She kind of tickles me under my arm to get me to remember what I need to move.

Auntie Rachel got me a new fun thing last week when she bought all my new clothes. We finally got to try it out today, and I thought it was very fun! It's going to help me make my legs stronger, because I don't like to use them to hold me up.

First I just thought it was a fun chair. Then I found out I could bounce and do what Mommy and Pop call a "happy jig."

I had a good time, but I kept hiding from Mommy.

Wednesday 1/23

Miss Robin, Miss Judy, Miss Louise, Miss Deb, and Miss Melanie all came to my house!! They came to talk to Mommy about my IFSP. It is the stuff that they want me to work on for the next few months. Mommy might talk more about it later. It was kind of fun to have so many people there to talk about what I was doing.

I did hear them say I was doing real good in some stuff, but they kept telling me I had to learn to eat. So much about the eating!

Thursday 1/24
We got a fun package in the mail. Miss Julie sent me some socks. When Mommy put them on, I had to check them out for a few minutes. They have panda bears on them, and I have ALOT of panda bears!


  1. Your doing great Braska! Keep up the good work! ove the new socks, too!

  2. Love the new socks and that bouncy chair looks like fun! Keep up all of your hard work Braska!!

  3. All my boys loved the "jump seat" as we called it...what a great exercise to make those legs strong Braska - doesn't even feel like exercise does it...hmmm, maybe I need to find something that fun!

  4. Both the girls loved the jumper and they thought it was even better when we put a mirror out in front of them so they could see themselves bounce. What a big girl you at Braska! Keep working hard, you're doing great!

  5. Great new bouncy seat! Ruby loves her jump-up, too!

    those new panda socks are adorable!


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