Saturday, January 26, 2008

The big bath

Today, I took a bath in the big people bathtub. Mommy said since I can sit up now I might like to play in the big tub. I thought it was pretty fun! I especially like the spray thing.

Tonight Mommy and Pop went to a party with other mommies and daddies who have extra special kids like me. I went to see Miss Debbie while they were gone. Miss Aubrey was having a party at their house, and everyone was so nice to me. They said I was the star of the party! Thanks for letting me come to the party, you guys!


  1. Thank you for being such a good girl! Love you, Sweetie Peach!

  2. what a big girl sitting in the tub! looks like she had fun! mayson loves the tub and especially splashing!

  3. You can come to our parties any day! Hope your teeth are feeling better!

  4. Braska,

    You are so verbal and expressive with your hands and arms. I'm impressed! And the way you are chomping on that cup, you are so close to wanting something orally. Totally impressed by your little girl ways! Seems the girls are so verbal so early, really cute!

    Tell your momma something from me, we used crayons made for the tub to write on the sides down low for Tommy to grab at and investigate. You reach and wave your arms MUCH more than Tommy does.... but it might give you one more thing to enjoy.

    We LOVE your blog. And your mommy is AMAZING! Let me say that one more time.... absolutely AMAZING.


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