Sunday, January 20, 2008

Retropost: Weekend full o'stuff

The Saturday that came before this last one was not as cold as the other days. So Pop decided to do some work on getting the pool cleaned up from all the fall leaves and melted snow. Since it was nice outside, I got to go out too and watch a little.

He didn't think I'd be much help with the clean up, but I was good at telling him what needed to get done.

Miss Jo Ann came by that day too, and she brought me alot of presents! She found what she called a "sale" and so she got me some really cute things. This one has a fuzzy hat part.

This one is really soft and cozy, and my friend Olivia has one like it so we can match.

And this one is a pretty blue color. I didn't have anything this color yet!

That night, I played with Pop some while we waited for Mommy to get ready for dinner.

We went out to Toro and met Mr. Brent and Miss De there. It was a fun dinner, and a nice lady even gave me one of her birthday balloons. We got to see Miss Martha and Miss Chayo, but they were so busy they only got to come and say hello a few times.

Miss De let me play with her red ring things that she had on her arms.

On Sunday, I woke up and got to have some family cuddle time. I fell asleep next to Pop since he was all warm and cozy.

I was feeling all happy in church, so I was talking to Pop. He and Mommy decided to see if I liked the nursery, but they wanted to see if there was someone there that knew me. Pop took me back there and Miss Karen was there! So I spent just the last part of church with her in the nursery. My first time and it was kind of fun!

After church, we went to Toro again (see? we go alot, don't we?) with Miss Jennifer and Olivia, and Maddy and Gracie and Mr. Randy and Miss Karen. I got to taste a little salsa again, and this time I really liked it! So Mommy and Pop gave me little bits on the spoon, and they were happy that I was eating it. Mommy tried to give me water because she throught the salsa was too hot for my mouth, but I don't like to drink water. She should know that! I also ate some green stuff that Mommy likes alot. She calls is gwakamolee or something like that. It was very yummy, too.
(Mommy note...I LOVE that face!)

We took a picture of Maddy, and then her little sister Gracie wanted a picture too. She made a funny face when we told her to smile.

And this is Olivia...she's a silly girl, too!


  1. I just can not stand how cute Braska is with those glasses on!! She looks so big and so small all at once.

  2. Boy, we made a mess that day, but we sure had fun, huh? I love to watch you eat gwakomolee, too, Braska!

  3. What an adorable face!

    You look like you had a fun weekend. Very cute new clothes!!

  4. Braska, You LOVE your mexican food, SALSA, GWAKAMOLEE??? What a big girl you are! Your mommy and daddy are so incredible to figure out your likes and to keep trying new stuff.

    And such an incredible helper to daddy while he cleaned the leaves off the pool cover.

    We love to watch your family thru the blog! Thank you!

  5. I'm not surprised you like the salsa. Your mommy used to eat jalapenos and loved them. She was raised on TexMex food. It's inborn! I'll bet you'd eat spicy cheese dip, and maybe even gum an enchilada :o)

  6. Best post on this blog ever! Best face by Braska too! I remember going to Toro twice in one weekend, those were the days. I miss your backyard too Braska. I remember some pretty fun times, pool times, tree planting times, Belle chasing things times, movie watching times, cleaning out the pool nasty gross smelly things times.


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