Monday, January 14, 2008

Retropost: Fun and Work with Mommy

First a report from Mommy on the granulation:
We leave tomorrow (Wednesday) for St. Louis once again. We see the surgeon on Thurs morning for consultation and hopefully have the growth removed in the clinic on Thurs or in the OR on Friday. That's best case scenario. Otherwise, it may mean going back the next week for the actual removal. I'm sending pictures of the progress and how it looks currently and asking them to review the records from the GI prior to our appointment so we can hopefully get things moving in an expedited manner. We'll see... Here's a current pic if you are keeping track. Now back to your regularly scheduled story from Baby Boss Braska.

On Wednesday, Mommy had our morning play time. We had some giggles and tickles and silly time. See if you can find my new favorite game when I stick my face up close to Mommy's face. I do it alot and it always makes Mommy laugh.

On Thursday, I got to go with Mommy to a new work office. It's in the SJ town, so its a little car drive from our house in C town. The ladies there were really nice. Mommy did her work on the computer and I played on the floor. Mommy said the computer was being grouchy, so we didn't stay too long, since we were going to have to go back again.

On Friday, we went back to the office in SJ town. I took a nap while Mommy worked. But we had to go back to U town, which is by C town, and pick up something.

When we got to the office at U town, I got to see Miss Laurie!! She works there now instead of at Dr. Y's where I used to see her. She said I got so big! I'm so glad I got to see her again. I wish she was back at Dr. Y's, and Mommy does too!

Then we went BACK to the office in SJ town, then we went to the store, then we went by Pop's work, then we went home. Whew! I was glad to be home.

Psssssst...the sad part is that Mommy found out when she got home that we have to go back to SJ town again on Monday! Uh oh.


  1. Braska,

    You are such a BEAUTIFUL little girl, so vocal and interactive with your mommy. I'm impressed! Tommy doesn't say nearly as much as you do. Keep up the good giggle times with momma.

  2. It is special to be able to see and hear Braska having such a grand time with her Mom! It's good for the old grandparents to see such interaction! Thanks for posting the pics and clips! Have a safe trip to STL and keep us posted.

    And we are checking Levi's blog and in prayer for him and his family, too.

  3. Oh my Gosh, Braska! You are such a hoot!!!! I bet you and Georgia are going to have SO MUCH FUN together one day!!!!

  4. Fabulous! You are a movie star baby girl! Love, love, love you! Auntie V

  5. Braska- you have the cutest little, contagious laugh! You know, I've told you before in a different post but you do have one special mommy! I really enjoyed watching you in the video!

  6. What a road trip. Good think she seems to be a good traveller.
    That granulation tissue looks painful. Poor mummy and Braska.

  7. Braska, what happened to the little baby that I remember?!? You are so big now. I love the giggling. I am a sucker for giggling babies!

    You need to ask mommy and daddy when you get your first computer. I see you playing with all of the cords and fun stuff. I don't think you can avoid becoming a little computer guru in your house :)

  8. Randa -

    You have such a beautiful and precious baby girl. I checked out your blog after seeing your post on Jessie's...hope that is ok! :)

    Brook (Jason's wife)

  9. Oh my - she is such a delight and just what I needed to perk me up at work this morning!

    Good luck with the button - I hope that whatever happens, you can put it behind you soon.


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