Friday, January 4, 2008

Hopefully home for a while

First I have to show you what happened to me on Tuesday. My glasses got kind of messed up on my nose. Pop thought it was pretty funny. I couldn't see very well like this though.

Mommy and I got back last night. We had a nice visit with Grandma C again. Miss Karen from Kansas was there on Wednesday, so it was good that we got to go down again to see her. She read a book to me. I think we look just the same, both with our glasses and reading the same page. Isn't that funny? Miss Karen teaches kids how to read, so I bet she'll be able to help me alot when I get bigger. Thanks for reading to me, Miss Karen!!

I even did some reading myself.

Then yesterday we went to see Nurse Vicki and Dr. R. They had already seen the pictures that Mommy sent them, but they were happy to see that the thing by my button was better. Mommy will tell you about that some in a minute. I played with the fun things in the room while we were waiting. The second picture here is when Mommy told me I weighed 16 lbs 6.8 oz. I couldn't believe it!!

I'll let Mommy tell you the rest about the doctor visit.

The granuloma had decreased quite a bit more by the time we got to the GI office on Thursday. We first saw the same nurse that we had seen last week, and she had seen the pictures we'd sent. She was surprised at both how big it had grown and how much it had now shriveled. I wanted to know what we were supposed to do with what was left, like if it would retract or if we would need to remove it. She went to talk to Dr. R, and soon returned with him, a resident, and a nurse practitioner. They all wanted to know what was up. I explained again how I'd changed the treatment, and I went into detail as to why I chose this particular cream since they hadn't heard of using this particular preparation for this issue. It was pretty funny as I stood there talking to 4 clinical people including 2 doctors, and told them how the cortisone steroid in the triamcinolone would help with reduction of the swelling of the growth and the nystatin would assist with the possible yeast infection that so commonly accompanies these issues. They kind of nodded and said a thoughtful, "Hmmmmm." It's not that they don't know what it is, they just apparently had heard of using it for this. Granted, it's not medically indicated for this, meaning it's not designed for this type of thing, but if it works, and it's not hurting her, then I'm happy to use it if it helps.

Basically, they all agreed, said I could continue on as I "seem to have a handle on it," and call them if I need something further. If the extra tissue doesn't retract completely or if it comes back larger again, we'll return to a surgeon to have it removed as an outpatient. Otherwise, we'll hope it just continues to correct itself at this point. We're taking a couple days break from the steroid cream as it's not something that you can continue on for more than a few days at a time. I hope it'll be gone in a few days altogether.

Thanks for caring enough to keep up with our "icky issues"!!


  1. Amazing work Dr Mom!
    I have been thinking about you gals. SO glad you got this figured out.

  2. I am so glad to hear your good news and that everything is on the mend...we are doing good too, thanks for asking - mom peeks in at times too - can't help but keep up with your little one - she brings a smile to our face!

  3. You know what they say...Mother knows best! Way to go RK! Glad that she is feeling better.

  4. you always amaze me - good job mommy!

  5. Good work, Mom!

    Braska, those glasses are so darn cute! I just can't get enough of them! and 16 lbs 8 oz is AWESOME! Good growing!!

  6. Look how big she's growing!!
    Good work figuring out what would do the trick - I'm glad she's on th emend.

  7. Dr. RK to the rescue!

    Seriously, that's great. Good for you.

    A little scary to be more on top of things than the officials, though, huh?

  8. Sounds like everything is getting better. Thats good news.

    Love the picture of Braska w/ her glasses. Too cute!

  9. I knew your mommy could fix your button. She's SO smart. Next time you see miss Karen, ask her to read you books about the desert. Maybe it will make you so thirsty you will want to drink from a glass and then you won't need that old button anymore. Love you, Sweetie Peach!

  10. ....As I was saying, your expertise and love and the dr's???....just agreeing with you! Good one RK ;) Love, Aunt Valerie

    PS Did you bill them??!!

    Braska, You are the cutest!

  11. Hi from Randy, Kathy, Jean, Margaret, Timon, Kim, Brian, Papa Beagle, Grammy, Joy, Ryan, & Ju. Hugs!

  12. Doctor RK.... we like the sound of that :)

  13. Sometimes Dr. Mom really DOES know best. WTG!

    Oh that cutie, Braska!

  14. She looks so dang cute in those glasses. Sorry Braska that they got your nose all scruntched up.


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