Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mommy report: Granulation, day 14

Yes, it's still here. It hasn't gone away. It's not as big as it was, but it has settled in a plateau of sorts and doesn't seem to be decreasing anymore. It's been the same for several days now. It doesn't look as bad, for sure. If you want to see, click here. See? Not nearly as bad as it was.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. The GI doctor told me I could call them and they'd set up a surgical excision (removal) of it, which is fine with me, but it means another trip and procedure. I'm debating just giving it more time, as it doesn't really bother her, and I keep it covered in a gauze dressing, so it's not making the mess it once did. I think for now we'll wait and see, maybe for a couple more days or the rest of this week.


  1. I'm sorry that you are still having to deal with this...I can hear/feel the exhaustion of having to work with it...I'm praying still, and very thankful that it no longer seems to be bothering Braska - that is reassuring at least.

  2. It definitely looks better - but I'm sorry that it seems to have plateaued. I think if it's not bothering her, a little more time wouldn't hurt - maybe it will still go away on it's own. Still thinking of you!

  3. That looks better!

    We had to discontinue the steroid cream on Tommy as it 'thins the skin' and can only be used for two weeks. I'm not going to do the silver nitrate stick again as I agree with you, there are nerves there and it hurts our baby.

    We will wait this out. I use a split gauze to keep things dry and tidy. We still have the Bard and believe we will stay with that and not change to the Mickey (although I would LOVE to hear your thoughts of the PEG/Bard vs Mickey).

    I don't want to cauterize or anything drastic. We will wait for Tommy's to change size again.

  4. That does look much better. We'll keep praying that it will go away.

  5. That must be such a worry for you. It does look way better hopefully it will start improving again and just go away. Since it isn't bothering her waiting may be the best choice.

  6. Your mommy's wise; when things plateau, waiting is giving God time to do His thing in His time:o) Glad it isn't bothering you!

  7. ug. I'm sooooo sorry you have to deal with this.
    I'm taking notes though incase we have to deal with it so thanks for sharing.


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