Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 for 21: PT Days

One day every week I get to go see Miss A, or she comes to see me, and we do some fun stuff. We call these PT days.  If she comes to my house, we go up and down the stairs, but she doesn’t carry me. She lets me climb up by myself, and then I go down, too, but I still have to have a little help sometimes.  I’m getting better though!

Last week, we went to school to see Miss A.  First I had to get some comfy clothes on.  We work hard, you know, so I have to be able to move alot.

Then KiKi wanted to get in on the pictures.  She thinks she has to do everything I do!

I sat down to wait for a few minutes before it was time to go.  But KiKi wanted up in the chair too! 

This week Miss A had some little thing that she put on me called Ther-a-togs. They are supposed to help me stand up better or something. We always do the letters on the wall.  It’s one of my favorite things. I can say most all of the letters when she gives them to me.

That one is H.  I like H.

We also do the tricycle and we climb steps and do the slide, and sometimes we do the swing.  And my favorite thing??  It’s the Space Maze!!!  It’s the best for sure!!!  Here’s a picture of me from a few weeks ago in the top part of the Space Maze. (There’s 3 parts.) I can go all the way up by myself now and I love it!


  1. Im interested in your thera togs. Could you tell me more about them and how they help?

  2. That's cool you can do both home and school based PT. They have cool stuff at school!


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