Friday, October 9, 2009

31 for 21: Signing Time Sale TODAY ONLY

Today is Miss Rachel’s birthday!!! So at Signing Time they are having a big sale, just for today!  Since it’s already night time (and Mommy’s computer is just now back to working), I thought I would tell you about this in case you want to buy anything today!

Happy Birthday, Miss Rachel! Here’s our present for you!

These are the shirts Miss Rachel sent for us in our box.  See how they have her name on them on our shoulders?!?  Can you tell what the weather is like here today?? (Mommy translation: Cold…fists up, like a shiver. Sign for cold. Braska always says Brrrrrr! Cold!)

I have to go now because Mommy says she needs the computer to go shopping at Signing Time!


  1. Sorry I missed the sale! But they look adorable!!

  2. How cute are they!! Rustin loves his signing time shirt with the Hopkins too!


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