Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 for 21: Walkin’ in the Park

A couple weeks ago we went to the Walk in the Park.  It’s a day when all of us with the extra cool chromosome get to have a little party and go to a baseball game together so everyone else can see how cool we are.  I think, that’s what it’s for anyway.

First we got dressed.  This is always important, you know.  I put on my “bird shirt.” That’s what I call it.

(Happy face)

(Too-cool-for-school face)

I got to wear my super cute bows from Miss Courtney and LC!!

Then KiKi and me got in our picture spot and showed our matching cuteness.  Our shoes are the same, our jeans are the same, and our white shirts are the same.  Our red shirts are kind of close.  Both of them have that bird on there.

Here’s our whole family that came with us.  It was SO cold!! We had to be all bundled up!

KiKi cuddled up to stay warm.

I watched everything from up on Daddy’s shoulders.  They had music and everyone was dancing.  Can you tell from this picture where I live??

After the party time, we got to walk down by the grass. Most people don’t get to do that. I went around with Daddy.  Mommy didn’t get to go because there was a little problem… but after it was done she came in later.

This is where the guys hit the ball during the game.

Here’s me and Mommy… I had a face like this most all day.  I just thought there was alot of stuff to see and it made me kind of quiet. And I didn’t feel very smiley since it was cold!

And this is Mommy’s favorite picture of me for the day. Can you see me down there?   I did some walking with her and Auntie Julia, and I even tried the stairs.  See how high up we were??

It was a fun day, but we hope next year it won’t be as cold!


  1. That looks like awesome fun and the pictures are great!!

    Come check out my blog. I've tagged you. Gotta love them tags!

  2. Wow Braska, I am really proud of you to see you trying out those stairs and walking. I hope you enjoyed the ballgame.You are right there is alot to check out there and not much time for smiley pictures. You guys look so cold and poor Kiki look like she was tired and cold. Glad you enjoyed your day. You look like you Mommy I think and you both are very beautiful!!

  3. Your girls are so stinkin' cute! Do I tell you that often enough? LOL Even though it was cold it looks like it was a great walk!


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