Saturday, October 3, 2009

31 for 21: Extra special girls night out

On Tuesday, we went to see one of my best girfriends, the Fabulous Miss LC!  She was here in our town to see some of my awesome doctors that I’m going to share with her.  I told them to take very good care of her!

First, we had to get dressed.  KiKi wanted to get in on my pictures, so I had to tell her how to do it.

“Stand right here, KiKi. I’ll show you what to do.”

”Ok, now look at the camera and show your pretty face.”

”If you have any questions, just stick up your hand. That’s what we learn to do at school.”

”Hey, who told Belle she could get in our pictures??”

LC was napping when they got to the restaurant, but she woke up in just a few minutes. Probably because she knew we were there to see her!

She sure loves her Daddy!!

Then she decided to sit with MY daddy! And she kind of liked him too.

LC found out she could get my hair while she was on Daddy’s lap.

If she wasn’t so darn cute… but she is!!!

Then she went to give some cuddles and giggles to Mommy.  She’s such a superstar! 

We had so much fun, and before we left one of the nice guys there took our picture.

I’m so glad we got to see LC and her parents.  They are all so much fun.  And guess what… it’s kind of a secret… for my Mommy’s birthday, we get to go to LC’s house for a big party for LC in a few weeks!  That’s going to be like the bestest thing ever!  See ya soon, girlfriend!!


  1. Both of your girls are such cuties! I love reading about them both!! :)

  2. Ooooo...we had super fun! 31 days of Braska stories are going to leave us spoiled! Can't wait to see you soon, BraskaBean. Hugs to your crew...BoomBoom


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