Thursday, October 15, 2009

31 for 21: New pretty blog stuff

Since it’s all about telling people about what Down syndrome is this month, me and Mommy worked on a new fancy look for my blog.  Come look at it if you are using a cool little Reader like we do.  Whatta ya think?  I told Mommy I think it’s pretty before she even asked me!  She was excited!

Mommy was playing with her fun program that makes all the pretty stuff tonight and this is how we got started…


Mommy always calls me Little Beauty.  So she was trying to make me a cute shirt.  You want one too??

(Mommy note: I made several of these with different words, so if there’s one you’d like let me know.  And I’ve debated throwing some up like on CafePress or something… think anyone would want a hat or shirt or other item with that on it??)


  1. Wow Braska, you and Mommy did a really good job. I think it is beautiful...the prettiest blog background I have ever seen

  2. Love it. I just may have to borrow the DS is Beauty image, if your mommy says it's ok. The shirt idea is a good one. Other stuff like car window clings, or lots of stuff would be cool too.

  3. I'm telling ya Braska - you need to convince your mommy to go into web design business :)

    Looks great little gal.

  4. I really like it, too. It's showing your mommy's (sometimes hidden) creativity-- she got from her dad! I hope you get it, too!!

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  6. Loving your new blog look!

  7. LOVE the blog header! wonderful job on it!

    Yeah I'd love to get a shirt with that saying/logo on it for Kayla!

  8. Love it- can it be used as a button for your blog?


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