Friday, October 2, 2009

31 for 21: I ate ALOT!

It’s a new record, Mommy says!  I just know I’m all full up.  This morning for breakfast I ate 6 ounces of bananas and strawberries with tapioca. The whole big jar!!!  Mommy was all excited and I did a little happy dance, too.

See, here’s my messy face when I was done! (Oh, and thanks Miss Jen for the bibs!! I’m finally using them now, and KiKi is too!)


  1. Yummy! That is great Braska! Mattie has that exact same bib.

  2. What a big appetite you had, my lady! Keep it up with the veggies, too :o) Have a great day tomorrow. Looks like Auntie Julia is going to be there after all :o)

  3. Good job on the eating Braska!!


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