Monday, October 19, 2009

31 for 21: Signing with Jackson

Jack is my friend. You probably know that if you read my stories very much because we’re always playing together and he is in my class at school too.  I think he is pretty cool, and we always say hi and give fist bumps. (He calls it “pound it” but it’s ok with me.)

A few weeks ago, I was at Jack’s house so our mommies could make some fun shirts for us for the football games. (Mine is in this post if you want to see what we made.)

We played and climbed up the stairs (when mommies weren’t looking!!) and we even let KiKi play with us a little too.  Before we left to go home, we showed what we could do with our signing, the ones that both of us know. Here’s how it went…

Ok, Jack, you ready?
We’re gonna do some signing!
Hey, we’re gonna do a show, are you ready over there?

Let’s start with touchdown! No?
Ok, how about fish…
And hat…
Sign bird…
And cracker…
This is dog!
Sign baby… (we were very tired and ready for naps, can you tell?)
And now, we are All Done!


  1. Oh My God that is so freaking precious!! Braska you and your friend are adorable together. Great job with your signing and keep it up.

  2. Could they be any cuter together?!

  3. Aww, aww, aww! So cute! You are the BEST photographer!

  4. yeh you guys!!! i dont think it gets any cuter than that!!!


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