Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 for 21: Serious coloring

After we watched the Bears win on Sunday (Woo hoo! I got to say “Touchdown!” alot!!), we took a little trip in the car, and then we went to eat dinner.  The nice lady there gave me a paper and colors. And I was doing really good til Mommy kept flashing her camera at me.

Can you tell what I was trying to say to her with my eyes?

“Mom. Please. Let me color. Enough with the pictures.”

(Mommy note: Since we’re highlighting DS this month, note Braska’s little pinky finger on her left hand. See how it’s a little crooked.  It’s a trait of DS. And we think it’s adorable. Interestingly, it’s also not uncommon in M’s family.)


  1. oh my goodness... I love that look! (and I love her little crooked finger too :)

  2. Love those bears bows! See you Sat, Sweetie Peach!

  3. What a cutie pie! Love her hair. I wish she and Eliana could spend some time together as I think they would have a blast!


  4. Before I read the note under the pic I noticed the pinky finger and thought, 'aaw look at her cute little curved pinky - just like Kayla's!" LOL

  5. Communication with facial expressions is just one of your many special skills! Love the picture!

  6. Oh...this is hitting the top of the list of my favorite Braska pics. CUTE!


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