Monday, January 25, 2010

Hanging out with my friends

This week I’m sick, so I can’t play with my friends.  But I found some pictures that I forgot to show you of some fun times we had lately.

Here’s me and Jack watching Veggie Tales on Mommy’s computer.  Kinlee was climbing up on us but she fell down right before Mommy took the picture.

Then another day I was showing Jack my favorite present from Grandma C that I got for Christmas. 

You put the letters in the little sun and push and it sings a little song about the letter.  Like this… R says rrrrrr. R says rrrrr. Every letter makes a sound, R says rrrrr.  I know the whole song, but I like to push them alot of times before the song is over.  Mommy makes me go to a different toy when I do that, though.

Then on a different day, we left school early to go see Sophie and her family at the place where we see my doctors.  It’s called Children’s.  They are the best, I think.  Sophie has some of the same doctors I do, so she was seeing them that day.

Me and Jack and Sophie had alot to talk about.

Then we let our brothers and sisters in the picture with us.  Except Jack’s weren’t there, but we let him share ours.

There’s another friend I got to see, too, but you’ll have to wait til tomorrow to see who it is!


  1. Don't tell Jack that Kiki isn't his sister - he'll be heartbroken! He thinks you two are all his you know.

  2. Off with my head! Send me those pics, eh?
    Soph got the same magnet toy for Christmas. She loves it too.


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