Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One CUUUTE baby boy!!

A couple weeks ago, my friend LC’s new little brother, Jace, came to my house.  He is SOO CUUUUUTE!  I love things that are cuuute.  That’s how I say it, too. Cuuuuute!

Jace was coming to see my heart doctor that I’m sharing with him and LC, Dr J.  He’s really good, and Jace needs a good guy, so I thought he would like Dr. J alot.  Dr. J is going to have Dr. H help Jace too, and then he’s gonna be all fixed up!

After Jace had his appointment, he and his mommy Miss Courtney stopped by my house to say hi.  We told Miss Julie and Jack that they were there, so they came by to see them, too!

Jace was kind of hungry, so Miss Julie gave him some milk.  He doesn’t drink much because he gets tired when he drinks.  I used to do that, too, before my heart got all fixed.

Jack checked out Miss Courtney. 

She’s really super cool, and she always plays with us when she visits.  I hope I get to go to her house someday, because I bet it is SO fun there!

We were sad that we didn’t get to see LC that day, but she was having a blast with her friend Alayna.  Maybe I’ll get to play with them both when I go visit.  I’ll have to tell Mommy to get movin’ on that!

Psssst. Miss Courtney, maybe I’ll sneak Mommy’s phone and send you a text.


  1. Hey!!! I know that baby!

    Oh, thanks for sharing about our visit, BraskaBean! And thanks for sharing that picture with Jack. I do love to collect as many pictures as I can that showcase me in the company of handsome gentlemen.

    Get better soon and take lots of naps with your mommy so we can play together again, soon!


  2. Thanks Braska, for letting us come over to meet Miss Courtney and baby Jace! It was very fun (and feeding babies is one of my very favoritest things to do!). Jack and I miss you!


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