Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mommy report: Back from Dr. A.

Virus.  Sometimes I hate that word.  But so far her ears are clear. (As much as she can see…it’s always debatable with little missy’s tiny canals. THOUGH, we’ve had a couple docs tell us recently that hers aren’t as small as many, so that’s good.  But I’m off topic….)

For now she stays home from school, and we wait it out.  KiKi will be next, no doubt. I never realized how awesome those first three years of no colds, coughs, and viruses were.  I miss those days!

She was asleep before we got home—it is a long 1 mile trip from the dr office, you know.  So she’s in bed now, hasn’t moved since I put her there 30 minutes ago.  Hopefully she can sleep it away.  Even with her other sickness recently, she never slept in the morning.  Hmmmm.

She had an appointment for her ENT for this coming Monday but I had to move it last week due to a conflict with another doc appointment.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  The reschedule isn’t til 2/22.  I hope this doesn’t get to the ear infection point again. She still pokes at her ears and grinds her teeth something HORRIBLE and says “ears hurt.”  This is no fun.

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  1. have you tried sweet oil for the ears? when Avery would say his ears hurt but I knew that a doc looking into them would be a mini-ww3 for us I got some sweet oil from walmart and put a few drops in there - coupling that with some benedryl and it seemed to relieve the pain.

    sorry about the icky stuff - this might just be her season unfortunately... we seemed to get it constantly last year but have skimmed by it all this year so far (knocking on wood as I type...) if you need any more mom tricks let me know and I'll spill all I have... most of them are widely known though...


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