Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy report: 5 steps!!!

Braska walked 5 steps, from the TV cabinet to the couch!!!  Without us telling her to!!

While I was typing the post on my blog, Miss Thang decided to treat me to a smile.  She was watching Sesame Street, and she had sneaked into her favorite position of standing against the TV cabinet, about 9 inches below the screen.  I noticed and paused her show, and I told her to get on the couch. 

Typically, she would turn around, drop to her knees, and crawl quickly to the couch and climb up to her “spot.” But she—without a pause—turned and walked the 5 steps to the end of the couch and climbed up!  I just stared.  I tried to cheer for her, but I have no voice at all, so it was a pathetic, whispery cheer with clapping. 

It’s a small thing, but it’s the 1st time that she’s done more than 2 steps of her own initiative.  That’s cool!

Oh, and while I’m typing this post, she just went from couch to couch, about 3 steps, on her own too.  She must be getting to enjoy the stepping.  I’m in no hurry AT ALL to be chasing her, but I’m glad she’s interested in it and that she’s gaining strength enough to do it! Yay!


  1. Way to go Braska!!! Love those sweet milestones!


  2. That's awesome Braska! day by day she'll realize how much farther she can go with those steps and you will be chasing after her :)


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