Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new TV place

Mommy and Daddy moved everything around in the living room after we took the Christmas stuff down last week.  It looks like they made the room bigger and we have more room to play! 

And I found a new place to see the TV good.  It’s not too far from the TV, and I can get real comfy. Mommy says if she did this it wouldn’t be comfy…



  1. Not only would that be "not comfy" for me, it would be super painful!!

  2. Looks like Belle is enjoying the sunshine from the window :o)

  3. Braska, that will strengthen your leg, back, and neck muscles. And don't forget to practice walking!

  4. Oh Braska, this is exactly how my Laynee girl loved to watch her movies. She liked the movies that had kids singing and dancing the best of all.


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