Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mommy report: Sick of this sick.

Last night Braska started acting a little more mellow than usual—and she is pretty mellow. She had just the slightest fever, and she fell asleep on the floor before we could even get her to the bed. Her buddy Jack has been sick, and I was hoping she didn’t catch what he had from the same source that gave it to him. But I think we did…

This morning she was very warm when she got up, and she’s been very limp and fussy. Here’s how she is watching Sesame Street this morning. If you’ve ever seen her watch Elmo and company, you’d know how big a sign this is.

So we’re headed to the doctor again this morning. She says “ears hurt” and I’m going to believe her and have them checked. She’s also got a pretty deep cough. I don’t want to just wait and have it get badly infected again like last time.

The good news is that Kinlee is well for now… praying that continues.

Question for you pros: We’ve debated some issue with our carpet (it’s old and the previous owners had animals and weren’t all that clean…well, it was bad when we moved in, plain and simple. We didn’t rip it out (I SO wish we had!), but we did have it cleaned professionally and have done it again since then. Could something be causing her problem, allergy or just irritation, and holding the source of her re-getting this stuff repeatedly? I don’t mean the actual virus if that’s what it is, but still… we have hardwood underneath the carpet, and I’ve wanted to take the carpet out. But it’s a huge job and I’m not sure how we’d manage in the process…let alone the cost for refinishing. (Though we would have to do all the work ourselves.) What do you think? Worth it? It is common that one of us in the fam is coughing or sniffing or has a sinus headache…so frequently since we’ve been here that I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t benefit the whole family if we could have a clean (and easily cleanable) slate.


  1. Braska get better soon! Your momma is sooo good to you. Hang in there.

    I would think this is a virus if her friend Jack, or others in the classroom have something.

    I would suggest though at some point taking her to an allergist. Tommy was allergic to cat and we will be ripping the carpet out soon.

  2. Have you gotten any estimates for refinishing? We did just one room and it was cheaper than I thought. (Not cheap, but cheaper.)

  3. rip out that carpet! :) seriously though you might be pleasantly surprised by the condition of the hardwood underneath - and yes carpets are breeding grounds for all sort of "fun" things. good luck, get better Braska and keep us updated.

  4. Braska, I hope you feel better! Can you do me a favor and tell your Mom my floor story? Thanks! And here it is: There are many sites online that give advise on how to "recover" your hardwood. On two of our floors we were able to use a fine grade steel wool to take up any remaining padding from the wood. We then swept, vaccuumed and dust mopped with no water or cleaners. When the floor was clean we used paste wax to condition the floor. Beautiful! Sadly, the third floor was not so nice and we ended up having to cover it with a "floating" wood laminate. It was BAD! Someone used outdoor carpet cement glue on the floor for underneath the padding. I know it has done our allergies wonders to get rid of that old carpet... You never know... It could help you too!

  5. Here is my short story on carpet...needless to say we will never have carpet again. We bought our house like you and they had pets that just made a mess of the carpet. We decided to save money and have the professional cleaners in. It looked like they cleaned it great so we left it for a while. We decided to removed all carpet from our house in favor of wood floors. No allergies, sickness influenced that move. Had we only known. We ripped up the carpet and underneath the pad was mold like you would never believe. Just a ton of it. We had to bleach our subfloor before we laid wood flooring! Definitely get rid of it.

  6. Any idea if it even NEEDS to be refinished. We pulled the carpet out of G's room and there were a couple spots that we were able to fix ourselves, but pulling it out was EASY PEASY. And kind of fun!


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