Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy life: Can you save Mindy?

I don’t post all of these, though I sometimes feel I should, because it is overwhelming how many children need to be adopted and saved.

But Mindy will be transferred on Saturday to an institution where she can no longer be adopted, where most children like her do not survive over a year. She is a HEALTHY little girl in Russia, turning 4, with Down syndrome. She will be sent to a mental institution with very little care or interaction, if any at all. It seems like it’s too late. Today is Thursday.  She has two days left.

Please Grab This Button!

It seems like I have to give up, yet my God is big enough to do anything.  Maybe He will protect her while she is at the institution. Maybe He will take her home to Heaven where she will be able to enjoy perfect love and no fear.  But MAYBE, just maybe, YOU are meant for her.  Maybe SHE is meant for YOU. Maybe YOU are meant to bring her home and love her like crazy.  Maybe it’s YOU that she’s been waiting for.

She has over $3200 in her grant fund already. 

A committed family and an application/fees paid with the agency  is all that is required to hold these children at their baby houses and prevent transfer.

I wish I could speak up and bring her home, but we can’t.  It breaks my heart that I can’t save her myself.  But maybe YOU can.  Can you? Will you?

Contact Reece’s Rainbow, director Andrea Roberts if you can, or for more info.

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