Thursday, May 6, 2010

Windy Weekend, Part 3

On Saturday, we got up and went to Connor and Lucas’s house.  They’re my friends who used to live in my old town. But they moved and we moved, and now they live close to Uncle Jim’s house!

We went over there and played for a while, then we took naps.  After naps, it was time to get dressed up in my pretty dress and go back to Aunt Karol’s house.

I didn’t want to look at Mommy for pictures. She doesn’t like when I do that, but I’m not in the mood for taking pictures ALL the time!

The boys made me laugh, though. They are SO funny!

Then Mommy snuck up and got right in my face! I looked away a little just in time.  

Why was I getting dressed up???  Because Jamee was all dressed up for a big party called Prom that night.  And I thought I’d look pretty, too!

We went outside to take some pictures.  Isn’t Jamee so pretty?!

KiKi walked around all silly, but she didn’t have a fancy dress. She’s still kind of cute, though.  For a little sister, anyway.

We went to the front of the house for pictures, but I ran away!  I’m getting fast, you know!

But Jamee was fast enough to catch me and we walked down the sidewalk together for some extra pretty pictures.

Jade and KiKi were watching…they’re pretty even though they’re not all dressed up.  But don’t tell KiKi I said that. Shhhhhhh…

Jamee had a very nice necklace, so sparkly.

Then they told me that I didn’t get to go to the party with Jamee.  I love parties.  That made me sad.

BUT—I got to go see all the pretty dresses and handsome guys.  There were lots of dressed-up people, but Jamee was the prettiest one down there! 

And the big news!  Jamee got a queen crown that night!  I was already in bed, but we were so excited!  Yay Jamee!!!  I just KNEW you would get it!

Ok, almost done with pictures…last ones tomorrow!

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