Friday, May 28, 2010

Pink dresses for church

Last Sunday we decided to wear some pink to church.  We have a lot of pink in our house!  But these were dresses we have never worn before, so this was a good day to try them.

I’m Mommy’s good girl because I like to stand by the door for pictures.

But sometimes I get silly!

KiKi was busy with her phone and didn’t want to look at Mommy.

"Who is calling me NOW?”

"I need to go in the other room and take this call.”

“Seriously, Mom!  No more pictures!”

“Can we hurry this picture thing up please?!”

”Hey Braska, I got the funniest text!”

“You are SO right… way funny!”

“Ha! I have to go show Daddy!”

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  1. Sometimes a series of stills with commentary is better than a video with sound! Thanks for sharing.


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