Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy report: Bright and early

We get up with the chirping birds tomorrow and head to SLCH.  We are to report with Braska at 6:45am to the 6th floor, so that means leaving home by 6:15am.  Some of you are familiar with that area of the hospital.  We’ve not had the pleasure of procedures on that floor yet, so it’ll be new for us to be on that side of things and not just hanging out with friends while they wait for their littles.

It should be a quick and fairly uneventful morning, we hope.  I’ll be updating on here via my phone if I don’t have time to deal with the computer.  Bear with me if things look a little odd in the process.

Prayer team: Please pray that all goes well, no hitches, no complications, smooth sailing.  She’s a tough cookie… but we don’t want her to have to hurt more than absolutely necessary.  She has had more than a few rounds with anesthesia, but each one is a new risk and challenge.  We expect no issues, but we prefer to err on the side of extra prayer! (That’s not an “err” that’s a good idea!)

In the meantime…anyone got a funny joke or embarrassing story (doesn’t have to be about YOU) they wanna share so I can pass the time while we wait?? Do share!

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  1. Well now I know why God woke me up at 5:45...Go Braska, praying for a super easy surgery and recovery


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