Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fashion Show: Spring, Part 2

This was one of my favorite shirts from last summer, and it still fits! (It says “short and sweet” and that’s me!)  This skirt was still too big last year, but it almost fits me now.

KiKi doesn’t like to do fashion show, so she flops on the floor.

Then we sat in the chair and played Tickley!

This is an outfit that Grandma C got me a long time ago, but I can just now wear it!  I thought it was very nice with flowers on it.  And they’re my special flowers called tu-lips!

KiKi got to wear a new shirt too, and it was kind of like a dress at the same time!

I like cute stuff to wear! More soon!


  1. omg, she is getting so big! Her face just looks, I dunno, older. She is such a doll RK!

  2. Your girls are adorable. Kinlee reminds me of my middle daughter. We have a lot of pictures of the bottoms of her shoes at that age!


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