Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy’s Day pictures

Yesterday was Mommy’s Day.  I used to think it was just MY mommy’s day when I was little, but now I know that it’s for all the mommies.  So I hope you had a nice day if you’re a mommy.

Me and KiKi got dressed for church and did a few Sunday pictures.  We even stood still a little for Mommy since it was her special day.  KiKi kept walking away right when Mommy started to take the picture.  She’s not a good girl like me.

Then me and Mommy were doing a little signing and dancing while we were taking pictures.  This is “shoes.”

This is the hokey pokey… “shake it all around!”

Daddy was trying to get KiKi to give kisses… she was being silly, but she did give him one after a little bit.

Here’s Mommy’s new siggy that she made from our Mommy’s Day pictures on the porch.  We all look kind of funny, but she said that is what makes it a good picture. 



  1. We love you silly girls! (And I am particularly fond of the shots of the hokey pokey and Miss Kiki playing hard to get...)

  2. Braska, you and your sissy are just lil darlins! And sometimes, lil rascals, too! Papa beagle sends hugs for both.


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