Friday, May 7, 2010

Windy Weekend: Part 4

Sunday morning we got up and got all dressed for church.  Before we left Connor and Lucas’s house, we took some pictures.

KiKi doesn’t usually like Sunday pictures by the door, but this time she went right to the door all by herself when she saw Mommy get the camera out.

But then she wouldn’t get out of my way when it was MY turn.  And she wouldn’t turn and look at Mommy to do a sisters picture either.  She’s just that way sometimes.

We had to go soon, so we just did the pictures even though she was in the way.  I told her with my eyes that she was being dif-uh-kult.

(Mommy note: About these outfits… Kinlee’s is a size 6-9 months. Braska wore it last year and can still wear it, though the top is almost too short.  Braska’s outfit is 12 months, and she wore it 2 years ago on Father’s day…click here for a peek back.  Some of her cutest pics ever, still faves of mine. Especially this one…)

Then we went to Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim’s house and went with them to church.  KiKi slept through most of it.  I drew pictures and colored and was a very good girl.  After lunch we got in the car to go home.

Mommy and Aunt Karol smiled for one more picture.

Thank you, Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim, and Jamee and Grant and Jade and Brock and Moise and Laynee’s hee hees and Stella and Donkey-otey, or however you say his name, and all the other super nice people we got to see.  Oh, and Miss Nico and Mr. Matt and Connor and Lucas, too!!! It was a really fun time!!


  1. Your little girls are so cute! We just had our 10th baby, Lily, in January..she has ds and blogging has been a great way for me to share with and meet other Mommies. I love your blog "look":)

  2. I guess KiKi is giving in about the Sunday-by-the-door pics and joining in by herself now :) Your girls adorable and I love their 'door pics'!

  3. Zoey's mom here.Thank you so much for the offer of help.Finally got it figured out.So appreciate the offer.Not sure how I have missed your cutie all this time.Will be certain to come back and catch up ...


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