Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Windy Weekend, Part 2

On Friday, we got up and went to Aunt Karol’s house.  Me and KiKi played while Mommy and Aunt Karol worked on the computers for some neat things that we’ll tell you about later.

The big kids got home from school early, so we got to do some fun things with them.  We went on a walk to see Laynee’s hee-hee’s.  Well, we went to see them on Thursday, too, and they came right up and bumped into me and everything!!  I was really afraid of them.  And KiKi was too.  But Mommy wanted us to go back again and try to say hello to the horses again. So this time Jade took us over in a fun wagon! 

Moise has his own wheels, so he didn’t ride with us. Isn’t he handsome?! 

Me and KiKi don’t like grass, remember?  It’s itchy and it makes me very upset to touch it or walk on it.  But look at KiKi! She got out of the wagon for a little bit!

I did a little trick, though. I put my hands up and said, “Weeeee!” I was very brave!

I don’t think those horses like me as much as they liked Laynee. They looked at me kind of mean, I think.  It scared me a little…even though they were in their rooms this time.

(Mommy note: I want to make clear that Jade was NOT forcing Braska to be miserable of her own accord.  She was actually pleading for the moms to stop terrorizing the child by making her be near the animals for pictures.  Jade’s the nice one, to be sure!)

There’s also a goat there, and it was pretty scary, too.
KiKi didn’t get as scared as me, but she still wouldn’t touch it.

Then we got on the bouncy for some silly times.  Jade bounced us nice, and it was really fun!

Here’s a movie of us bouncing with Jade and Moise…

They have fun swings in the back, too, but Mommy forgot to take pictures when we were swinging.
And this is Laynee’s tree… 

Friday night, Mommy and Aunt Karol went out to dinner and me and KiKi got to stay with the big kids! It was really fun to play with Grant and Jade and Jamee and Brock. You can see some of those pictures over here.

More pictures coming up!  And they are very special with some fancy dresses!!


  1. I like it. I got motion sick watching the video though.

  2. ok, the fear of grass thing is so funny to me braska! it's so much cushier than concrete, cummon give it a chance ;) and you sure are cute, even when you are uncertain of large 4 legged creatures!


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