Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fast and Slow

I love to do opposites. Up and down. Big and small. But my favorite is fast and slow. I love to do all kinds of fun things fast and slow.

When Jack was here a few months ago, we practiced our fast and slow after we had lunch. Here's a little movie of our fun...


  1. Cute :o) I suspect Kinlee has only one speed, like her Auntie Ju playing basketball.

  2. Braska, we think that you are a very very smart little girl! Anita, Nathan, Isaac, Alyssa and Brandon have so much fun watching you on your videos and looking at your pictures! They think you are silly, just like them! Tell your mommy "thank you" for telling us your story! We can't wait to see what you, Kinlee and Jack do next! We love you bunches!

  3. Thanks for helping me .. I've been having trouble conceiving F-A-S-T lately....

  4. Awww, awww, awww! I love them!


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