Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Visiting a lonely house

While Auntie Rachel and Uncle Patrick were gone for Christmas, we went to their house to help the house not be lonely. And they have good TV channels that we don’t have at home, so me and KiKi don’t mind at all.

KiKi sits on the couch, but I sat in my own spot. Mommy thought it was funny since I usually like to sit RIGHT by the TV, really really close.

Then I decided to try over by KiKi’s spot on the couch… I wasn’t sure I’d like it.

But it turned out to be ok. KiKi even stood with me, which Mommy thought was silly. No one sitting to watch the show!

Daddy’s job is not very far from Auntie Rachel’s new house, so he came over for lunch since we were there. He brought his friend from work, too. It was nice to have a little lunchtime party. We even got to watch some football! (I love to watch football!)
downsize (26)

Then it was time for naps. We each have our own room upstairs, so I slept in my room, in the super comfy bed…

And KiKi slept in her room on her own comfy bed.

We both got some good snoozing and Mommy got some helpful work done, too. It’s fun to be at their house, but we like it even better when Uncle Patrick and Auntie Rachel are HOME!

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  1. Everybody should have at least one "home away from home." Thanks for the pictures and report, girls!


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