Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, baby

No, silly…that doesn’t mean there is gonna be any babies around here.  Mommy says I have to make that very clear. 

Me and KiKi decided we were going to pretend to be the New Year Baby that always is in pictures around this time of year.  You know, the one that only has a diaper on and talks about how it’s 2011 now?

So on New Year’s Day, we did our best.  Mommy doesn’t usually show pictures of us in just our diapers, but this is a special occasion.

Happy New Year! KiKi is trying to be the super cool New Year Baby, I guess, with that face.  Mommy is still wondering what we were doing with our hands back there… 

It’s always good to celebrate New Year’s with a hug from your sister.

And that’s enough.  No more flash photography.

(Mommy note:  To answer the most asked question I get these days… no, they’re not twins.  They’re more than two years apart.  Yes, they’re wearing the same jeans. Yes, they can wear the same shirts.  Yes, they’re almost the same height. Yes, they can wear the same size diaper.  But no, they’re not twins.  Thanks for appreciating the double dose of adorable, though!)

I suppose it would help if I didn’t dress them in matching outfits, wouldn’t it…

Hope you have had a very happy New Year so far…  stay tuned for some much requested pictures and stories!


  1. They are double dose adorably cute! WOW KiKi has caught up hasn't she?

  2. Cuties! G is a fair bit taller than R, but R is thicker (and has a bigger head) even though G still outweighs him. We get asked the twins thing all the time, too!


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