Saturday, August 27, 2011

Because we are dirty

Tonight we wanted to take a bath.  KiKi kept asking to take a bath, and Mommy asked her why she wanted to take a bath so badly. 

She said, “I’m really dirty, Mom.  I need a bath because I’m dirty.”

Then I said, “Yeah. I’m dirty, too. We wanna take a bath pleeeeeeze!”

Mommy said she didn’t know if we were really all that dirty, but it was ok if we wanted to get in the bathtub for some splashing fun. 

So we took a bath. We even got to turn on the water bubbles that splash around.

Mommy said we didn’t seem all THAT dirty, but baths are good even if there’s only a little dirt.

And then it was bedtime…  OH, and guess what?!?  I drank all my milk again today!  That’s 4 days with no milk in my belly tube!! I’m getting better at drinking good, too.  YAY!


  1. Braska you are an awesome milk drinking. I am glad you like baths. I do too. They are almost my favorite activity. Playing with grandbabies tops that, but still bathing is way up there.

  2. Baths are pretty popular around here too Braska... well, I mean showers are... most everybody has converted.

    And dare I ask your mommy, here I'll whisper it... (how many days of Braska's crazy awesome drinking success before you look at removing the button?... have a fairly long road yet?)

  3. Sophie and I are reading the blog. She says "baby, splash!" Miss you.
    ---Jen & Sophie


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