Thursday, August 25, 2011

BLTN: Busy ears and busy hands

Sometimes special people give me special things…

I love letters.  All kinds of letters. Words, too.  But I don’t like doing things with my hands that are hard.  So when I got this nice present of big letter blocks that have a string that you put thru them, I decided to try it, even though I don’t  usually like to do those kinds of things.

And it’s even better when I have my iPod and my special therapy music in my ears.  Both of those were from special people, too.


  1. Just curious - what is her special therapy music?

  2. Anon, she's listening to modulated Peach Jamz, part of the therapeutic listening program. We do not have the "special" headphones, but she really loves listening to them and it's something that helps her take a break from her almost constant teeth-grinding. RK

  3. Thanks! I was thinking my son Matthew (4 yrs old with Ds) might benefit from that. He does the teeth grinding when he's tired, bored, or upset. His OT at school mentioned it once in passing thinking it might help with the vocalizing and stimming he does, so I was curious about it.



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