Friday, August 19, 2011

BLTN: Wedding days 1

Uncle Ethon got married to Miss Cheryl.  Now she’s Auntie Cheryl! KiKi was a flower girl and so she had to go to the practice to make sure she knew how to walk at the right time!

Everyone had to practice… Auntie Cheryl, Uncle Ethon, and PaPaw since he was doing most of the talking.


I just watched what everyone was doing.… and Shay and Auntie Janice did too.

First, KiKi did a practice by herself, before everyone got there.

Then KiKi practiced with Xander since he was gonna walk with her. 

She got tired of standing up there though and so she sat down.

After practice, we went to Miss Cindy’s for a super  yummy dinner and lots of visiting with people in our family that I didn’t know very good.  But they were all pretty nice.

Tomorrow is the big wedding day!

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