Monday, August 29, 2011

Morning music

This is a good way to start a day. While Mommy’s getting breakfast ready, we listen to our “morning music.”  We like to hear songs that we know and we can sing with.  And we each get to have the music in our ears at the same time.  We like to use our iPod.  (Mommy says it was given to her, but we kind of sneaked it away to be ours.)


Mommy likes that when we sit like this with music in our ears, we don’t move at all except to sing along a little and flip pages in our books.  She says it’s nice quiet time for her.  And we don’t mind since we get to keep our fun music all to ourselves!  Mommy also likes that I don’t grind my teeth as much when I have music in my ears… and sometime she says she really needs a break from that.


KiKi and I can sing along with each other, and we can still hear Mommy when she talks to us.  It’s a good deal for all of us!

(Sometimes they listen to Peach Jamz, which is modulated for Therapeutic Listening, but we admit we don’t have the official headphones for it. We have borrowed them, but the ones we had were too big for Braska.  But she really loves the music, even though it sounds very weird to me.  KiKi seems to think it’s ok, too.)

Now it’s time to get ready for school, so the music will have to wait til later!

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  1. This post was "music to my ears." I may not play an instrument, but I'm part of a musical family! Singers, listeners, pickers, and grinners! I will expect to hear some great singing next time we all get together!


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