Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tiny Dancers

Me and KiKi like to dance.  We like to dance a lot. We can dance in our regular clothes.  Like these… this was what we wore today when I went to school.  (We were playing “FREEZE!” for Mommy to take pictures. She used her phone, so they aren’t very clear.)

But since Grandma C has fixed it up so we can take a dance class in a few weeks, we got some clothes that will fit better for learning how to dance like big girls.

We got our pink things, kinda like swimsuits, and then we got these cute purple fluffy skirts.  They’re called tutus.  Duck has one on Word World when he wants to look TOTALLY terrific, so we figure we must look pretty good, too!

I just have to find my white skinny pants like KiKi’s, and we’ll be ready!  Dance class is doing to be so fun!


(Mommy note: I had decided that we wouldn’t be buying “dance clothes” since we don’t really know how the girls will do and if this will be something that works out for them.  But I thought I’d look and see how much things cost…. and they cost too much, in my opinion, and everything was too big for my tiny dancers.  But after a tip from a fellow shopper at WalMart, we stopped by Target to see what they had.  Their selection was nice, but again, far more than I’m going to spend. 

But as I turned around from the dance attire rack, the chaotic piles of clearance were right there… and peeking out from within that pile were two—only two—pink leotards, size L/XL.  The size made me laugh, but they looked about right.  I held one up to KiKi and it looked about right.  And the cost….  $1.74.  Yeah, that’s more like it.  The little purple tutus were also $1.74 each, so I splurged, and for less than $7, the girls have cute little “costumes,” as they call them, for dance class. Though I think we’ll skip the tutus for class, as Braska would be constantly distracted by the texture.  It starts Sept10, so we’ll see…I’m excited.)


  1. I'm excited, too!! What a neat thing for Grandma C to do. Thanks, Grandma C :o)

  2. You girls look great even if your two-two's don't make four. I hope they like the classes Grammy. We will see.

  3. Too, too cute!! I look forward to reading more about the dance class adventures.

  4. These girls are something else!!! Have fun! Love, Jenny.


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