Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KiKi’s Turn: Kicks and giggles

It’s time for me to share with KiKi and let her be the star today. Mommy will tell you what she’s been doing lately.

There is so much I need to catch up on with Kinlee and documenting all her crazy achievements and over-achievements.  But for now, we’ll stick with some pics I found as I’m going through the past several months…

She was gifted a soccer ball and has really enjoyed it!  On one of the few days it was not too hot to be outside, we went out to play a little, and she did very well with her dribbling skills.  I’d love to see her play soccer soon… I think she’d love it as much as I did as a kid.

After a rough start the their relationship, mostly due to the fact that KiKi is not Braska, Daddy and KiKi have become quite the pair.  She A-DORES her Daddy Pop and makes a point to spend as much time in direct contact with him.  Usually there is lots of wrestling and laughing involved.  But sometimes hanging out on the couch is just as fun.


(Anyone notice a resemblance in that profile shot up there?  Just sayin’….)


  1. Awe Kiki is so cute.

    Can you sign her up at the Y for soccer? I know the YMCA that is behind my apartment building has soccer for the little kids. I love to watch the little ones run, they are so cute to watch.

    WOW! I have to say that Kiki really looks a whole lot like her Daddy. Their side profiles are just a like. Looks cute since she is obviously a DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL!! How sweet!


  2. SO ADORABLE &, oh my, she looks EXACTLY like her daddy! Cuteness!

  3. Great pics. Hopefully after the wedding I will be able to watch blogs a little more faithfully.


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