Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommy report: Day 3 and counting. More eye surgery.

Yes, I’m ready to say I’m counting now.  Days tube-free. THREE.

Actually, close to 4…her last tube feed was Tuesday breakfast. But let’s not get too picky. I’ll just count full days.  Pardon my excitement.

She did great again today.  Though she did fight a little this morning in both eating and drinking.  Just was in a grouchy mood for a while.  But we managed. We took breaks and she got it all in. Daddy even covered a big part of that tonight… so it’s now a team effort, and that’s good.  Her total today was about 21 oz today, I think.  Possibly a bit more.  Go Braska!

Also today we had her 3-month check up from her May strabismus surgery.  Her results have been great, and we are all pleased.  In that time, though, her tip/tilt has become more consistent and defined.  This was kind of expected, in that when we fixed the crossing issue, the true nature of her nystagmus issues and the related accommodations showed up.  This is why we did NOT combine the eye procedures.

So we’re now in the process of planning for the modified Kestenbaum procedure.  It’ll be a little longer before it happens, though.  We are going to try to coordinate with her dentist, so that while under sedation they can also do a thorough cleaning and x-rays.  Dental visits are TORTURE for her and me.  Really bad.  Working out scheduling for the eye center and the dental team can be tricky.  Please pray with us that it’ll be able to be done relatively soon and combined as we hope.

What a crazy week. If someone had told me Monday morning that Braska would be drinking her whole fluid intake by Friday, I’d have laughed.  But she did, beginning Tuesday afternoon.  She proves us wrong once again!

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  1. I'm so excited for you!!! Everyone tells me Addy will do it when she decides to, I'm sure they're right!!! We've started working with her Honey Bear straw again and she's not fighting it :)


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