Friday, July 6, 2007

Hot circus

This morning we went to see Miss Laurie at Dr. Y's office, and she put me on the silly scale again.

I was up to 12 lbs 4.5 oz. That's a little better than last time. Miss Laurie had a chat with me about making the scale wet when my diaper is off. I listened to her pretty good.

This afternoon Mommy and I went to someplace called "the circus." It's a place with alot of people, mostly kids and more kids, and there are animals there and people who jump high and fly around. It was really, really hot today, so it wasn't much fun to be outside under a big thing that kept the wind away from us.

Miss Karen and Grace went too, along with Maddy, Miss Sara, and Ali P. Mr. Randy came later too.

There were some people that were on big high swings and stuff. I thought that was pretty fun to watch.

There was alot of loud music and flashing lights that I liked for a while, but later it started to make me upset, so I went to sleep on Mommy's lap. I woke up and my shirt was all wet. I didn't even do it! Mommy said it was because it was so hot that I was sweating through my clothes.

Maddy and Grace rode on the elephants, but Mommy and I left early to go home. It was fun, but I was pretty ready to not be hot anymore.


  1. Great pictures and I love your hair ribbon. You are a little cutie patootie.

  2. Grandma C--Mommy uses the bows in my hair to keep my tube from getting caught on things since it so so so long!

  3. It was hot, and fun! So glad we got to see our first circus together! Maddy and Gracie

  4. Looks like fun, i have not been to the circus in forever. Looks like a good sleep too :-)

  5. So glad your weight is up and you got to go to the circus! Bet is WAS HOT! I know you couldn't enjoy it as much as you will when you're older, but maybe they'll come back to town!

    Papa Beagle

  6. Maddy and Gracie--Thanks for letting me and Mommy come along with you.

    Miss Christina--It was a good sleep, but I like my bed better still.

    Papa Beagle--Mommy says that when I'm bigger she'll take me again and maybe I can ride the elephants then.

  7. GREAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! I love how you listen!

  8. Trixie--I also love the listening pose. That pic ranks up there pretty high in my all-time faves so far.

  9. It does look hot!!

    The listening picture has got to be one of the cutest I've seen!!


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