Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stuff to say

We've been trying to take some movies of me doing some of my tricks, but sometimes I don't want to do them for Mommy right then. Here's a little bit for you to watch. But there's lots more. We'll practice more and then maybe I'll do all my tricks for you.


  1. Excellent. You are doing great Nebraska.

  2. Okay so I know that I am a big sap, but you are getting so big Braska! This made me cry happy tears. You're doing great we miss you!

  3. She's doing great! When it was over Ryan asked if I was watching old videos of Gabi again. I said no that wasn't me. He said you sound just like

  4. Wow! Wow wow wow! I am really really really excited and happy to see this!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!

    Way to go, Braska! If you come teach Georgia to talk maybe we can give you some help with eating! :O)

  5. Oh she is too cute, we are watching Baby SIgns at my house right nowas a matter of fact! Enjoy following along with your story!


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