Saturday, June 21, 2008

T-shirts and exercise

Thursday night while we were telling Grandma C and Grandpa J about our news, I wore my special shirt again. You can see how Grandma and Grandpa got excited on Grandma C's blog.

While the big ones were playing games, I found a new fun thing to play with. There's big things hanging in front of the back door and they are fun to make noise with and shake.

On Friday, I went to see Miss Brandi again. She helped me practice sit down and stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down and stand up. It was alot of work. She wants me to sit down different than I like to do it. She wants me to bend my legs in the middle, but I like to keep them straight and just fall back on my diaper. We did get to play with some fun toys though.

She had a super fun swing there! I sat in there and played. It was so much fun! She said I did good with staying up while she moved it around.

She has this crawly thing that they hooked me into. I tried to move my hands, but I don't like to move my legs like they want me to. I just want to sit up instead.

Here's a little movie of me trying to do the crawly thing.

There's also some other pics of me on Daddy's page too, if you want to look.


  1. Those piggy tails are SO cute Miss Braska!

    You are very brave in that swing. If Delphine tried it, she would be screaming away!!

  2. I would be so dizzy if I had to be in that swing. YOu did great.

  3. I love the little crawling contraption! Gabi didn't have the benefit of one of those. Gabi crawled like an army man going under the barbed wire! For real she did! I thought it was the cutest thing!

    Your doing great Braska!

    S do you want a bubber or a sissy?

  4. Congrats Braska on getting to be a big sister. I bet all that jumping, swinging, and crawling will come in handy when you have to get away from the little critter!!

    Way to go-you're doing grrrrreat!


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