Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot and cold

It's been so hot here in our new apartment! It would be a good time for our pool, but it's back at our old house!! I've been feeling a little better, but I'm still kind of hurting in my mouth. Mommy's helping by giving me medicine to help me.

I went back to the doctor on Friday to make sure that this little cough I've been having isn't anything to worry about over the weekend. Since I'm not ever sick, Mommy just wants to make sure, so I'll keep my good no-sick record! I was all checked out fine, just a cold or maybe allergies, they said. I do have a little rash that the doctor thought might be because it's so hot here.

I read my Feely Bugs book while I was waiting. Bristly bugs are my favorite!

Saturday Mommy and I went to breakfast and went shopping with Auntie Rachel. I got to ride around in my stroller some and I took a nap on Auntie Rachel while Mommy tried on clothes...alot of clothes! I got a bunch of new summer outfits to keep me cool and Mommy got a few too. Thanks Auntie Rachel!!!

Saturday afternoon we went down to Grandma C's again. It's fun to get to see them every week now. I was even happy to play with Grandma C this time since I remembered her!

I kept telling Mommy I didn't want to try the ice cream, but then I snuck a taste, and it was good! So I had some licks of the green stuff, called mint. It's Mommy's favorite.

Then Grandma C had another cold thing called a popsicle. I kept touching it because it felt funny.

Then I took a little taste, and it wasn't bad. But I liked to feel the cold more.

Today we went to church at Mommy's old church where we saw Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick. Then we went to lunch with them so that the big people could talk about work-work stuff. I got bored and went to sleep.
When we got home, I played some music. Daddy gave me the BEST thing to use on my music. A spoon! It makes noise on everything I bang it on! What a great thing. And this is one of my new outfits from yesterday that Auntie Rachel got me. Even a matching bow, of course!

My second belly button has been hurting me the last few days, and it's not looking pretty. Mommy took pictures for the doctor, but she said it's too yucky to put on the blog. Worse than last time. So we're probably gonna go see the button doctor tomorrow so they can make sure it's gonna be ok.


  1. Very cute pictures!! I always love your outfits! Hope all goes well at the button doctor!

  2. You look nice and happy even if your button thingy looks funny.

  3. Sorry you have to visit the button doctor. :(

    You are such a cutie Braska - you made my Monday morning with your sweet pictures.

  4. oh no now a yicky button to go with the yicky cold...I'm sorry Braska - but at least you got some good family time this weekend - and some great shopping for a little gal that isn't feeling the best - hope you feel better real soon

  5. Looks like you've been having some fun. Glad you're getting to see Grandma C more often. Hope your extra button will heal up on its own.
    Love you!!

  6. Wow-that's quite the update. I hate the hot weather, too, and I lay around all floppy as well.

    I hope you are on the mend and that your button gets better soon.

    Is there a place for you to have a small pool in your new place? A balcony or something? I guess the tub works well for that sort of thing.

    Oh well, have a great day, and keep up the extreme cuteness!!


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