Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walking practice

On Friday, we went to see Miss Brandi again. She put me in this thing with lots of things that were holding me up in the air. First she put me on the walking thing like Mommy and Daddy use sometimes in the house, but then we decided to walk in the hallway.

It was kind of weird to be hanging up there like that, but it was ok. Miss Brandi was moving my feet for me and making me bend my legs. I just wanted to stand up tall or pick up my feet and swing.

We went for a long way, I think. But then I got tired. Right after this picture I got sad face and told Mommy I wanted to be done...and I told her really loud, too.


  1. Keep up the good work Braska!

  2. You are doing great work Braska!!

  3. great job braska!! mayson has been doing the treadmill since february. She now walks on it without the harness! its a beautiful thing!

  4. Great job! Keep practicing!

  5. Wow--that is a cool contraption! Great job walking, Braska!


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