Friday, June 13, 2008

Therapy playtime!

Today me and Mommy went to a new place where I'm going to get to play with new therapists. I'm gonna have so many appointments to go to!! But Mommy will tell you about all that in a few days. We went to meet Miss Stephanie and Miss Brandi. They're gonna help me learn to eat and learn to walk.

This is Miss Stephanie. Her letters are OT. She's going to help me use my hands better and learn how to eat. I'm not sure about that eating part, but I'll give it a try. She did some fun stuff with me today while she was seeing what I can do.
She put me on this big bouncy ball, and that was fun. I love to bounce!

Then she put me on my back and started moving the ball! It was weird and felt funny, but I kind of liked it after a few times.

Then she put me on my belly. It didn't even hurt my second belly button, and it was fun! I was giggling and everything.

She gave me a thing that makes color on the end, called a marker. I haven't ever played with these before, so I wasn't sure what to do with it, but it was fun to bang on the chair. And then she let me play with the paper. My favorite!!

Then she put me in a chair and gave me some different foods. First she gave me pudding, and I took a little bit. Then she gave me some spicy bits of smokies, and she snuck it in my mouth. It was kind of yummy, but I don't like bits. I didn't get mad at her for trying though. It turned out to be kind of fun, even if I didn't really eat anything. She let me play with it some, but I don't like icky stuff on my hands. I'm silly that way!

After I was done with Miss Stephanie, I went down the hall to see Miss Brandi. Her letters are PT. She's gonna help me learn to crawl and walk. She told Mommy I need to get Sure Steps to help me, so we're gonna do that. We thought we might be needing them.
I'm going to go back to see Miss Stephanie and Miss Brandi every week for a while. Yay!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!! Good luck with working on the eating!

  2. Wow! All of that in one place is sure nice. Good job Braska for letting some of that lil smokie into your mouth.

    Tommy and his momma

  3. that looks like a lot of fun work you are doing little one...keep it up and you will be doing so many big kid things before we know it.

  4. oh Mayson loves the ball at PT. Its her favorite thing and her ABs are getting sooooo strong!! Looks like Braska has a great place for therapy! keep up the great work!


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