Thursday, June 26, 2008

So spicy it hurts

On Wednesday, Mommy and I had a busy day for sure. We met Miss Jessie for some lunch since she came to our town for a quick visit. We went to a new place that has food like our favorite Toro from home. It had some good salsa for sure.

Mommy gave me a taste and I liked it. She didn't even try it first because she was busy. Then she gave me some more, and I thought it was good. While Mommy was looking at the menu and we were waiting for Miss Jessie to come, I had a little more. Then Mommy tasted it too, and she said "Wooooo! That's hot!" She looked at me all surprised that I liked the spicy food, and she saw that I looked a little funny. My mouth was feeling all tingly and my eyes were leaking a little water. See?

See the water coming out from my eye? And my mouth was all moving around trying to stop the tingly?
Mommy gave me some cold waters, and it was nice in my mouth. She said she was sorry that she gave me the hot stuff, but I liked it alot, so it was ok. I even had more after I had some water! But just little bits...

Then we went to see Miss Stephanie so she could try to get me to eat some more. Mommy didn't get to go with us to the room this time, so she waited. I worked with Miss Stephanie and even ate some pudding for her. Mommy says she's gonna have to figure out how to watch so she can see what Miss Stephanie does to get me to eat.


  1. Braska, I am the same way! I love spicy food. Even when it makes my eyes water I still love to eat it. Glad to hear your eating more.

  2. Georgia seems to like HIGH FLAVOR food...I wonder if that's something? She didn't love love hot mustard, but she loves Indian food, chili, pickles, citrus. I've been told it might be because of low tone that she finds the tastier foods more exciting.

  3. You weren't kidding about those tears. I've heard of people mixing hot sauce into bland foods like mashed potatoes. Maybe that's your hook?

  4. That's funny! Poor Braska. Those spicy foods are tricky. I think Tricia might be on to something with the flavor, though. Abby likes some spicy stuff too.

  5. I've heard that hot/spicy food is good for kids - gets their mouths working. Glad to hear even though it made her eyes water, she went back for more! :)

  6. You were a brave girl with that salsa Braska and you and mommy were very nice to wait for me...loved having lunch with you - you were such a good eater!

  7. Abbey loves spicy foods. I remember Abbey's speech therapist telling us premature babies like spicy foods. I have also talked too many DS parents and they have said their child loves spicy foods. This could help her eat more.

  8. That was so funny! Sorry Braska to see those tears but you got me laughing!

    I can remember one of Tommy's feeding therapist mixed Taco Bell hot sauce packets with canned pears and he did enjoy it.

    Hope your momma's belly is feeling okay with your little sister or brother. We are so excited about that news.

    Take care and keep up that WONDERFUL progress on feeding. I can't say enough about "when you are ready, you'll be ready". All the coaxing in the world will hardly budge the fact that it happens when God provides for our skills to be there. And then one day, boom, Tommy liked to eat. So will you :)

  9. I was told spicy food is good for kiddos with low tone. Wakes up the taste buds and promotes eating and speech. That's what I was told by T's ST. T loves spicy stuff he eats alot of Peanut sauce and salsa. He handles spicier stuff way better than C can


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