Monday, June 2, 2008

South on Sunday

Sunday we went to another church to try. We're trying to find which one is gonna be our new church. I napped on Daddy, so I thought it was just fine.

After we got home, Daddy showed me some good stuff that he likes on the computer. One was all about badgers, and I'm not even sure what they are. But they do a fun dance, so we did it too.

Then we went to Grandma C and Grandpa J's house to see them for the day. It's nice to only have to go what Mommy calls "a little drive south" to get to their house. It was just enough time for me to get another short snooze in. I cuddled with Daddy while he and Uncle Ethon and Grandma C played some poker. They keep trying to teach me about jacks and aces, but I don't really get it yet.

When we got home, it was past my bedtime, so I just went to sleep on the way. Mommy unbuckled me to feed me while I was sleeping, and I stretched a little but then went right back to sleep like this. She thought it was cute, I guess.


  1. Them Badgers are great, you should try to ones that play soccer too, they are even more fun cuz they count!

  2. It IS cute to sleep in that car seat like that!

  3. What a cutie pie. I miss you guys!

  4. Feel better soon, little miss.

  5. You are so cute Braska! I love seeing you sitting there with your dad by the computers. It's so sweet!!


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