Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Day Weekend

It was a nice sunny weekend here, and we got to see almost our whole entire family in two days!

First, I played in the tiny pool with Daddy on Saturday morning. He's usually at work when I play in it, so it was fun to have him there.

Then Saturday we went to dinner at Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye's house, and all the rest of Mommy's side of the family was there too. We're kind of a big crowd. This is Mommy, Papa Beagle, Daddy and me, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Joy, Grammy, Auntie Julia, Uncle Jody, Auntie Skye, Auntie Rachel, and Mr. Patrick.

After dinner, the boys went to watch TV and the girls were in the kitchen talking.

Grammy had some ice cream and cake, and she gave me a little bit. I decided I would taste a little, and it was pretty good. All the girls were doing "Yay Braska" and clapping for me when I took bites, so I took some more.

I think this is a funny one. Mommy and Grammy are making faces like mine. They're silly.

Here's a little movie of me tasting some more.

On Sunday, we went to Grandpa J's church and then went to Miss Cindy's house after so we could play in the pool and stuff. She has a pretty neat place!!

We were the first ones there, so we took some pictures before we got ready to swim. Miss Cindy has a neat place where some water falls down over some great big rocks, so Daddy showed it to me and told me all about it.

Then I sat all the way on top of the rocks by myself!

Then we sat by the pool and I stuck my toes in the water.

When Grandma got there, I told her all about it.

I got to ride in my float and on the big people float too.

It was pretty fun to be in the pool while Daddy, Grandpa, and the uncles were playing silly games.

After we got out of the pool, the boys played some games and Grandma, Mommy, and me went to the movie room in Miss Cindy's house to watch a movie. I played with Grandma most of the time so I didn't watch too much of the movie. When we got home, it was bedtime, but that's ok. It was a good day!


  1. Braska-Sure does look like you had a great weekend. I am so glad you have family near by now that you can play with. I wish I was friends with Miss Cindy, too. I really liked the pictures of you and your daddy. What a handsome crew.

  2. Hey Braska,
    Looks like you had lots of fun. We miss you, but are happy you are so close to family (& Cindy's place looks like lots of fun too).

  3. Looks like you had a fun time! You sure look adorable in your floaty!!

  4. wow braska I love all your pictures - you looked like you had so much fun with your family and that pool is so pretty, I bet you couldn't wait to jump in

  5. You looked like you had a ton of fun!! I love your tiny pool - it's so cute. The picture of you talking to Grandma is so sweet - it's good to use gestures when talking!!

  6. Your little girl is adorable! Love her name too! Thank you for allowing me to view your blog! Wonderful pics!

  7. Hi Braska, you don't know me but I'm the one who noticed you weren't on the "my special K's" blogroll, my little sister who's now 23 has an extra chromosome just like you. I just clicked on your blog from the my special K's blogroll randomly one day and have been a loyal reader ever since LOL you're just so darn cute I love seeing your stories and pictures.

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend. We enjoyed being with you and all the family. We'll do it again! Love you!!

  9. You sure know how to have fun!!

    I can't wait for Rhett to get out of this stinking hospital and heal so we can hopefully go swimming before summer is over!!


    Pam and Rhett


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